Beast Of The Bay Strength Classic

Athletes gathered from all around the West for the first ever Beast Of The Bay Strength Classic; Coming throughout California, Nevada, Washington and Arizona on this day with record breaking heat in the Bay Area. Temperatures soared to 105 degrees throughout the entire day. Athletes performed 5 feats of strength log press  (clean and press […]


Beer Muscles 2017 from Aston, PA

Beer Muscles 2017 in Aston, PA was a blast! The competition, hosted on-site inside 2SP Brewing Company, was more than double the size of last year’s event with 61 athletes competing. The top positions in all the weight classes were within points through all 5 events: Bartos keg carry & press medley, harness 2SP delivery […]


Michigan Strongest man

MSMV is in the books, and it was our biggest and best to date.  71 athletes signed up to get their hands on some fresh MAMMOTH equipment.  Real Viking presses- not just a handle on a Conan’s wheel, Car DL’s, Keg tosses, Farmers Medley and finally an Atlas Stone Carry and load tested every fiber […]