Michigan Strongest man

MSMV is in the books, and it was our biggest and best to date.  71 athletes signed up to get their hands on some fresh MAMMOTH equipment.  Real Viking presses- not just a handle on a Conan’s wheel, Car DL’s, Keg tosses, Farmers Medley and finally an Atlas Stone Carry and load tested every fiber […]


America’s Strongest Viking

America’s Strongest Viking Iceland…The only country in history with 2 men to win the title of World’s Strongest Man 4 times apiece. Even now a man known as “The Mountain” that has already been christened a future champion is setting incredible records from this small island nation. Norway… home to Svend Karlsen, World’s Strongest Man […]


Movin’ on up!

So you just won your first contest and you competed as a novice. Your next step is competing in the open class. Some people jump right into the open class to compete. Sink or swim, they give their best to compete with the much more experienced men and women. If you did do a novice […]

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Don’t just dive in…. When you make the choice to begin a new diet, there are many factors that come into play. Hopefully you have taken the time to begin to educate yourself on how your body works, through my 3 part article series on how the different nutrition macros affect the strength athlete. You […]