The Fit Expo Los Angelas

The Fit Expo Los Angelas, CA at the LA Convention center. 12 events took place over the curse of two days where the athletes had to compete in at least 10 of the events. The two highest scores of the 12 events dropped off at the end of the the contest for each athlete. There […]

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Strongman Announces Arnold Classic Disabled Competition

Strongman Offers Seated and Standing Categories For the first time in Strongman Corporation history, the sport will offer the chance for disabled athletes to compete for the title. Both seated and standing categories will be offered, ensuring that all types of competitors have a chance to compete. Athletes from around the world will gather for […]

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Getting Strong: Testosterone is King

Dietary Fats Help Testosterone Production In your search for peak strength and size, testosterone plays the greatest role in success and failure, while fats play a dramatic role in your body’s testosterone production. When you ingest fats, the body breaks down the cholesterol into natural steroidal hormones. However, keep in mind with the conversion of […]