Beer Muscles 2018

Name of contest: Beer Muscles 2018 Location: 2SP Brewing Company, Aston, PA 19014 Indoor or Outdoor: Both! Number of Athletes: 77 Sponsors: 2SP Brewing Company, The Training Room of Garnet Valley, Superfit Hero, Sheepdog Enhanced Beverage (Centurion Labz), Kettlebell Kitchen, Phila Massages, Lifting Culture Apparel, SkinnyPOP, LiveSore Philadelphia, Dave Crossett Photography It was an absolutely perfect summer day in Southeast Pennsylvania for the 3rd annual Beer Muscles competition. Seventy-seven athletes competed on-site at 2SP Brewing Company in 5 events: arm-over-arm truck pull, keg toss over bar, yoke/keg carry medley, Viking press, and keg load series. Highlights included a neck-and-ne

Man of Steel Classic

The inaugural Man of Steele Classic was held July 28, 2018 by SoCal Strength, in East County San Diego with an estimated 500 spectators in attendance. The competition took place at Steele Canyon High School as a fundraiser for the defending D3 State Champion football team, as they begin their 2018 season. More than 80 of Southern California’s strongest men and women faced off in an epic display of strength,under the officiating of Pro Strongwoman Kristin Rhodes. With Rhodes direction 5 judges and 20 volunteers ran a smooth and efficient show. Also in attendance, and acting as master of ceremonies was the Texas Stoneman himself, Travis Ortmayer. Throughout the day, the former WSM competitor,


August 18, 2018 was the first ever KY STRONG CLASSIC contest. Going forward this will be an annual contest held in conjunction with the KY OPEN BODYBUILDING CHAMPIONSHIPS! This contest consisted of bodybuilding, strongman and CrossFit. It’s always a good day to host a strongman contest and to welcome new faces to the world of strongman. Almost half of the competitors at this show were doing their very first Strongman Corporation contest!!! Several strongman crews were represented from Resilience Gym, Team Derks, Louisville Strongman and KY STRONG Gym. All crews came together to put on a show. Lots of exciting lifts were accomplished. It was a great day of strongman and hopefully everyone wil

Northern Nevada’s Strongest Man

NNSM-7 Reno, NV Double Diamond Athletic Club outdoor 22 athletes Sponsors: Ed McCaffery, Darby Law, Sierra Air, Fleet Heating & Air, Logan The Dog. Matt Webb came back and defended his title of NNSM Strongest in the heavyweight division. Alyssa Colbrun won her first contest and is only a teenager. This event has run 7 years in a row and is the third longest running strongman corp contest on the west coast, only CSM and Washington's Strongest Apple has run longer. Fred Larson was given The Longevity Award for being at this contest every year to help or compete. Fred has been competing over 10 years.

Refuge Barbell Strongman Classic 8

For the 8th straight year athletes from near and far gathered to compete in Madisonville, KY to show off their strength. This years Classic included 75 competitors and was very talent rich. There are too many performances to mention them all, but there were definitely some highlights. Where my strong ladies at? If you have ever asked yourself this question I have your answer. They were at the Refuge Classic. We had 35 amazing female powerhouses show up to compete. To say they did not disappoint is an understatement. In fact I may have less male competitors next year for fear that they will fail to meet the awesome standard set by these ladies. For the ladies the day started on log pre

California Mid State Fair Strongest Man and Woman 2018

Amateur Strongman meant to feel like Pro Strongman, that’s been the goal of this competitionsince it started last year at the California Mid State Fair. Since its inauguration in 2017 the event has brought a feel unlike any other. Up on stage in front of a huge crowd with celebrityappearances and top notch announcers, it’s hard to find an amateur show like it and this yearwas bigger and better than ever. Not only did athletes have the honor of having the current 4th strongest man in the world Martins Licis judging, they also had former World Strongest Woman contender and AmericanGladiator “Helga” Robin Coleman. The announcer was one of the best in the business, JonEccles, who is known as the

The 2018 Strongest woman in the World

Strongman Corporation Scandinavia was the host to the 2018 Strongest woman in the World. As hosts, Kikki and Egil set out to make sure al athlete were taken care of with plenty of great Norwegian food, and accommodations. They provided top equipment that most athletes and promoters are not privileged to compete on or have. he event definitely was one of the best SWIW event’s since it’s birth three years ago. On Day one, the ladies completed one event, the hercules Hold. For the hercules hold, Laura Sprague and Brittany Diamond, proved that women can hold the timbers as long as most men holding the timbers over 40 seconds. On Saturday the women were to compete in three other events, one bein

Granite State Strongman/Woman Championship 11

Granite State Strongman/Woman Championship 11 was held at American Fitness in Nashua. We have 60 athletes from around the country come to New Hampshire for our charity event raising money for FCANCER. We had a great day with a overflowing crowd watching the athletes push themselves to the limits with the giant Tire Deadlift, The Viking Press, the huge sled drag, keg over bar and the final event was the Hercules Hold. We have to give a huge thanks to the New Hampshire Bearded Sinners group for coming and being our floor crew. The middleweight men’s group was a battle with 9 athletes battling it for a chance to go to nationals with Trent T taking home the Viking Axe. We had Stevie LeBlanc ret

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