5 Ways to Deal with Post Workout Muscle Soreness

Sometimes, that sore feeling after a work out can hit you like a train. Some could call it a work out hangover! Did you know that the painful soreness has a specific scientific name? It is called DOMS, or delayed onset muscle soreness.This is something that is especially intense for extreme work outs like strongman training. This is the last thing you want to anticipate after you're in the euphoric post work out state, but it is something you can prepare for. Here are some tips and tricks that you can keep in mind to make sure you're totally prepared for dealing with the symptoms of DOMS. 1. Increase intensity slowly The best advice to take is to increase the intensity of your work out as sl

Queen City's Strongest

In the halls of ancient catacombs, a dark pact was made between the men of the mountains and southern tribes. A coalition was formed to recruit the strongest warriors in the land for a tournament to crown the mightiest amongst them. The winners would be Queen City's Strongest, and their names would echo in legends for all time... or at least on social media for awhile... *This may be a little shorter than usual because I'm typing on my phone while my wife takes a turn driving* The Max Axle Deadlift event and the Alternating Press event kicked things off. We will cover the deads first, because these established new NC state records! Huge authentic antique wagon wheels were used for visual eff

Pure Michigan Strongman Record Breakers Series

On Sunday 11/11 Building Your Temple Fitness hosted event 1 of 6 for the Pure Michigan Strongman Record Breakers Series with a 1RM axle Deadlift from standard floor height. This Series is a first ever Strongman competition that spans 6 months. We meet the second Sunday of each month at different strongman training facilities and complete 1 lift to set a new Michigan record, at the end of the 6 months each lifter who completes 5 of 6 events will be scored against others in their weight class where the winner will receive a bid to nationals. Those who don’t want to compete in at least 5 events can pick and choose events signing up for just one of the events at a time. Event 1 saw 18 competitor

2018 Medley Mayhem Team Contest

The 2018 Medley Mayhem Team Contest took place At Titan Barbell on November 10th in Stoneham, MA. The event featured 55 athletes (11 teams with 5 members each). Here are the event highlights: OH Press Medley (Log, Axle, Keg, DB) Team Rabid Squirrel Squad (Ryan Aruck and Amanda Farrell) took the win with a combined score of 16 reps Deadlift Medley (Trap Bar, Deadlift Bar, 13” Axle, Side Handle Car (rep away)) Team ToreForce (Wendy Sharpe and Cody Buskey) won with a combined 50 reps for the win. Wendy Sharpe lead the way with 34 reps! Keg Carry and Load Medley (7 kegs from various distances) Team Hybrid Strength and Conditioning (Jeremy Soule and Erik Pardee) both finished the seven keg seri

A Viking Halloween

Legends whispered by the locals of Morgantown, WV tell of a night once a year where the quiet home of Viking Performance Training becomes a bastion for the bizarre, a den of devilry, and a mecca for mummified muscle madness. On this night the strongest corpses in the graveyard, the mightiest monsters in the woods, and the hungriest blood suckers in the shadows all gather upon the hallowed grounds of the gym for two devious reasons: to unleash their raw power upon on a series of sadisticchallenges, and to get super sweet pics for social media. This is, “A Viking Halloween”! This year a record number of impish creatures appeared under the full moon to accept these challenges,with some as young

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