Strength for Autism 2019

With a new baby at home, I haven’t been able to devote as much time to these contest recaps as I like, but for this competition, I knew I needed to make some time… no excuses. I considered focusing on the fun, wacky shenanigans that ensued all day at the show, such as my partner in crime Dustin Patrick nearly intercepting a 40 pound sandbag on two separate occasions as they hurled towards the judge’s chair. I thought perhaps I would tell you about how grueling the events were, as evidenced by the numerous pairs of soiled underwear populating the bathroom trash receptacles after our squat event. I figured surely I would regale the tales of so many epic performances, like Jacob Bobbs pulling a

2019 Norse Highlander

The 2019 Norse Highlander erupted like a volcano in Concord, NC this past Saturday with lava-hot performances from top to bottom in every division. With an incredibly fun mix of Highland Games inspired events and more traditional strongman challenges, the Norse Highlander has become one of my absolute favorite competitions of the year. How did things go in the 2019 edition? Read on! Six tasks were set forth before our mighty Highlanders: 1 - The Weight Over Bar, a Highland Games classic, and a favorite amongst strongman athletes because it is easy to learn and largely a brute strength event, 2 – The Dinnie Carry, which consisted of plates on vertical pins to simulate the giant Dinnie Stones,

Vaji's hard work pays off

When she's not corralling criminals in Texas, Danielle Vaji is one of the strongest middleweights on the planet. The 30-year-old Dallas Police Officer stuck another feather in her cap at the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival when she went pillar to post winning the amateur middleweight division. Vaji has been an officer in Dallas for four years. “I have a good group of people I work with,” she said. “There is plenty camaraderie. I love that I get to help people and have an impact on things from day-to-day.” Vaji first started getting attention on the diamond. She parlayed a successful softball career in high school to a full-ride scholarship at the University of Illinois where she was a standout s

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