Queen City’s Strongest 2019

Queen City’s Strongest 2019 is in the books! A sold out roster enjoyed/suffered through 5 grueling events in Concord, NC at Norse Fitness on 10/13, and the day was a blast from top to bottom. The fun began when the Mystery Event was revealed in my favorite fashion – overly dramatic and ridiculous fashion! At the start of the rules meeting I revealed (with much flair LOL) a pile of enormous chains for a Chain Drag event. Competitors battled through a Max Axle Zercher lift, which saw some incredible lifts; an Alternating Press event featuring a Mouser Block and a log; a Farmers Walk for maximum distance which was pure torture with turns included; the aforementioned Chain Drag which may have be

Rebecca Lorch, First place at Nationals and what it took.

In 2011 I shattered my femur in a motorcycle accident, splitting it halfway up the bone and breaking my condyles into 2. I was immobilized and not weight bearing for months. In 2012 I realized my leg had healed incorrectly, and I was left with a huge curvature that would affect my ankle, hip, and the rest of my body had I opted out of corrective surgery. My femur was cut apart and put back together again with an external fixator, which stuck out of my leg for 3.5 months, again, immobile and non weight bearing. In 2013 I had this removed and began a very long path to recovery. Doctors told me my range of motion (at just past 90 degrees) was even more than they’d thought I’d get. I wouldn’t be

Strongest Man in the forest recap

1998, Buckhannon, WV. The anticipation every month for the next issues of Flex Magazine, Muscle Mag International, Muscle and Fitness, and Muscular Development built from the moment I finished the current issue. I knew I loved lifting, bodybuilding was what had the spotlight at the time, and the monthly magazines were the collective books of our iron bible. Between myself, my brother John, and our friend Dusty we would get every issue of every “muscle magazine” we could possibly afford. Names like Ronnie Coleman, Flex Wheeler, Lee Priest, Dennis James, Markus Ruhl, Dexter Jackson, Jay Cutler, Chris Cormier, Milos Sarcev, Mike Matarazzo, Kevin Levrone, Nasser El Sonbaty, etc. were the ones we

Kropyvnytskyi City Strongman Results

Yesterday Kropyvnytskyi city, Ukraine was home to the Arnold Amateur World Strongman Championship Qualification's event for 2020. 8 athletes showed their strength in 6 events: 1. Medley: log 130 kg+send bag 100 kg/20 m+log 130+ send bag 100/20 m. 2. Farmers walk 140 kg/40 m. 3. Axle 140 kg + dumbbell 90 kg for reps. 4. Crucifix 12 kg 5. Tyre flip 360 kg/7 reps 6. Power stairs 200 and 240 kg for 10 steps Final result: 1. Oleksandr Kocherhin 2. Andriy Burshtyn 3. Denys Berrzhnyk 4. Mykhailo Khodiakov 5. Roman Sirmanov 6. Rodion Sukman (Moldova) 7. Ivan Sharyy 8. Roman Shmygelskyi The event was held during AgroExpo with more than 20,000 people watching the Competition!

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