Who We Are

Strongman Corporation is the premier strongman corporation in the world. Established in 2014 with the purpose of serving as an umbrella to our amateur (North American Strongman inc.) and our professional (American Strongman Corp.) organizations. The NAS was formed in 1997 and ASC was formed in 2004,Strongman Corporation was formed to merge both groups. The American Strongman Corporation (ASC) is the sole sanctioning and governing body for the sport of professional strongman in the United States. ASC provides American athletes with opportunities by promoting several professional strongman contests across the country yearly. We have fostered relationships with strongman organizations worldwide. Since 2001, NAS and ASC have grown to include over 44 affiliates nationally and over 26 affiliates internationally. At Strongman Corporation, we cover everything strongman, American & north American strongman upcoming events & events around the world with results, promotions and photos.


Our goal is to provide quality strongman competitions for the public while ensuring just and equal treatment for the competitors. We do all we can to make sure our athletes have plenty of opportunities to use his/her membership by regularly updating them with updated list of contests to compete in.


Committed to being the leading strongman group, setting the pace for our competitors and also promoting the strongman contests.


We will always honor our promise to provide members with reliable and genuine information on latest competitions

The Strongman Team

Dione Wessels

CEO and President

Dione, is CEO/President of North American Strongman, Inc. and the American Strongman Corporation (ASC) which she founded in 2004.She is a passionate leader with first class communication skills and a long track record of successful management. Wessels’ oversees the day to day operations of Strongman Corporation for both amateurs and professionals including planning, selling and executing events. Wessels has fostered relationships with strongman organizations worldwide and has travelled to all corners of the world as an ambassador of the sport of strongman.

Since 2001, NAS and ASC (AKA Strongman Corporation) has grown to include over 44 affiliates nationally and over 26 affiliates internationally, Dione, a former record holding power lifter, national champion strongwoman and division one track athlete is no stranger to the rigors of competition. She holds three degrees in accounting, nursing, education and masters in adolescent counselling. While heading SC, She is keenly occupied with her three children as well as her local community.
Corporation project team and is responsible for directing, organizing and controlling strongman activities, under the direction of the Strongman Corporation Team.

S. Patrick Rodgers

ASC Assistant Director

Patrick, born and raised in Martinsville, a small town in southwest Virginia. He worked as a Construction Manager with the Virginia department of transportation in 1993, for the state. Patrick began his strength training career while serving in the United States Marine Corp in 1989. He is a Gulf War Combat Veteran and later entered the world of Strongman in 1998 and began competing. In 1999.He started promoting Strongman shows and even served as a state chair for several years. He was awarded State Chair of the Year in 2009, using his knowledge of Strongman, event promotion, and his organizational skills; he has become a vital part of the SC team. Patrick serves as the SC Assistant Director. His contributions to SC and the running of its many successful shows help make SC the best Strongman Organization in the world. He has been married since 1998 to the lovely Careen and they have one daughter.

John “Sarge” Allen

Athlete Liaison and Expeditor

Sarge, a United States Marine, also serves as the SC chairperson for the Northwest Region. Sarge has been with the SC team as a promoter, motivator and coach since 2006. John is fortunate enough to have coached numerous champions; he has coached many athletes on to win national titles as well as on to the international world stage. John is an expert in encouraging participants to gain and develop skills, knowledge and techniques; he ensures that participants train and perform to a high standard of health and safety at all times, inspiring confidence and self-belief.

Sarah Jamieson

Event Information Manager and Event Scorekeeper

Sarah, a former NPC Figure Competitor who also served in the United States Air force for a while. Sarah has been with the SC family for many years. She also serves as the SC state chair for the state of Colorado. She is an erudite manager who shows great expertise when it comes to delivering events on time, within budget, that meet and exceed expectations. She handles several situations and people at the same time with aplomb and grace. Sarah is an adept problem solver with a vast knowledge from many different areas.