Level II Competition with approval of the Home Office and State chair representative.

This competition must have the approval of the Home Office and State chair representative. The promoters of Level II Competitions are based on the quality of the promoter’s past competitions, equipment, etc.


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  • The sanctioning fee for a Level II Competitions is $250.00 payable prior to competition sanctioning. All State Championships are required to be a Level II Competition without a competitor minimum requirement.
  • All required sanctioning forms and payments must be submitted to the SC. home office at least 90 days prior to the competition date. Contests will not be posted via the website without proper forms and payments submitted.
  • The weights, events, and equipment used in a Level II Competition are required to be comparable (25%) to the weights used at the SC. Nationals Championships.
  • Once sanctioning forms have been reviewed and approved. Events and competition weights shall not be changed the day of the competition.
  • There shall be at least one standard event included in the list of events for the competition (yoke, farmers, log press, axle press, dumbbell press, stones, stone over the bar, deadlift, etc). The remaining events are at the promoter’s discretion. Weights must be approved for all events.
  • The top 2 finishers (2nd place) in each weight class or division that is offered at the competition will receive an invitation to the SC National Championships.
  • A minimum of 30 competing competitors is required for this competition. (The only exception to the minimum competitor requirement is State Championship competitions.) Each weight class offered in any division must have a minimum of 5 competitors competing. If there are less than 5 competitors in a weight class then it shall be combined with another appropriate weight class to ensure a National qualifying spot.
  • In the event on competition day the total number of competitors competing is below 30. The competition will automatically be downgraded to the lower Level I Competition and only the top competitor will qualify for SC Inc. National Championships. There will be no refund of sanctioning fee due to this occurrence.


Amateur status is any strongman that does not currently have a recognized Pro Card by SC (Strongman Corp) or any competitor not qualified or ranked as one of the top professional competitors. The SC National Heavyweight and Lightweight Champion will receive a Pro Card. (He must turn pro or sit out of competition for one year). All pro 105k athletes are eligible to compete as a heavyweight amateur only in any sanctioned SC contest. They must have a current SC card. All athletes must qualify for the SC National Championships in order to compete at nationals.

L2 Snc Fee - STRONGMAN Level 2 Contest Sanction Fee

  • Please allow up to six weeks for processing

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