Pure Michigan Strongman Record Breakers series

Event 5 of the Pure Michigan Strongman Record Breakers series was full of drama and amazing lifts, Jason Beaune stood up with 325# per hand which was a long time goal and a lifetime Personal record. He didn’t score any points on the event but seeing his excitement after locking it out was awesome. Yes I am probably biased since he is my older brother and I have watched his journey of becoming a Strongman for the last 3-4 years. On the ladies side we had a first timer who I think is going to be a force to reckon with when she learns how to actually do events.

We saw Anna Tapper take 235# per hand for 15’ and win the event on the women open SHW, Judy who is our only LW Masters women PR’d with a 12ft run at 135#. Our top male run was an incredible 375# per hand for 15’ done by HW Sam Clapper. On the LW mens open we got to see Eldon “skip” Williams take 325# per hand for 52’. All in all it was a great day and with only one event left next month its going to be exciting to watch who ends up being the champion of Michigan

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