2021 America's Strongest Man or Woman On-Line Qualifier

On Sept. 25th, 2021, America’s Strongest Man heads to Lone Star State! Since “everything is bigger in Texas”, Strongman Corporation is creating a big opportunity for top athletes that have not yet earned their Pro Card. For the first time, elite amateurs will have the opportunity to compete alongside Strongman Corporation pros, and the highest placing amongst them will receive their official pro status.

How does one qualify to compete with America’s strongest at ASM? As you know the top 3 in each overall division at Nationals already earned their pro cards, and thus are eligible to compete at ASM already. This year, the 4th, 5th, and 6th place athletes from 2020 Nationals will also be eligible to compete at ASM and ASW in each division!

What if you did not compete at Nationals but feel like you have what it takes to compete with America’s strongest pros like Trey Mitchell, Gabe Pena, and last year’s champion Marcus Crowder? Strongman Corporation will be hosting an online qualifier from which we will accept the top 3 submissions in each division. The qualifying events will be very heavy; if you intend to compete with the caliber of athletes’ we will have at ASM, these are minimums you need to be able to do. We love you all dearly, but this opportunity is designed for people that are world class strength athletes that just haven’t clenched that pro card yet.


The online qualifier rules:

Athlete Must be American Citizen or a permanent resident of USA

All videos must be emailed to dione@strongmancorporation.com. The deadline to enter is August 10, 2021. For questions please email dione@strongmancorporation.com

Log Clean and Press for reps

Log must be between 10” (for women) and 13” in diameter.Log must be picked up from the ground, or off pads, so the log starts below knee level. Knees, hips and elbows must be locked out. You must hold at lockout long enough to confirm the lift is stable.Log cannot rest on your head. Minimum of three reps is needed. You do not have to clean each repetitionEquipment Allowed: Sleeves, Wrist Wraps, Belts, Gloves, Chalk, Grip Shirts

Equipment Not Allowed: Elbow Wraps, Tacky, Spray Tack, Tack Towel Straps Plates need to be shown on camera either before or after the lift to verify weight. If the log is a common brand - Rogue, MBPowerCenter, Titan, Pitbull, or Bigg Dogg, the log does not need to be weighed.

The video must include:

• The lift completed.

• The plate from one side of the log to verify weight.

• Either a close up of the log to show the brand, OR the log weighed on camera.