Indiana Muscle

Here are some of the highlights from Indiana Muscle held April 24, 2021

  • This was our third annual Indiana Muscle and 10th overall strongman contest.

  • The Gordon Pipers lead off the event with their bag pipes and drums.

  • The theme was historical feats of strength.

  • Husafell carry around an area like the Icelandic goat pen.

  • Dinnie Stone replica hold

  • Natural and Atlas stones

  • Tug-O-War. (This was the favorite event by athletes!)

  • Odd object overhead press.

  • We had 4 men’s open classes with 5 or more athletes registered: Middleweight, Heavyweight, Super Heavyweight, and Masters.

  • Many PRs were set and again ZERO injuries at the contest!

  • Dr. Todd McDougle sponsored the day’s overall best male and female athlete. Each received $200 in cash and prizes. Dr. Todd sponsored it in the name of late Shannon Willits. This was really great!

Here is a link to all our pictures

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