Mystery Strongman

2021 Mystery Event Contest Recap held August 21, 2021

The contest was held at Titan Barbell (20 Spencer St. Stoneham, MA 02180). The competition floor was inside the gym while the athlete area was set up just outside the building right off the competition floor. We had 29 athletes compete in events they only found out 6 days prior to the contest.

Athletes competed in the following events (pulled out of a hat the week of the contest):

Keg Clean and Press for reps

Deadlift for reps with power bar

Sandbag Carry to Frame Carry (50’ each)

Iron Cross Carry (AFAP)

Atlas Stones for reps

We want to thank Cerberus Strength US for sponsoring the contest, they have always been tremendous supporters of every contest we have held.

This is the first year we have held this contest, and the athletes involved all had an amazing attitude about not knowing the events going into the contest. The men’s heavyweight novice class had a tie for first place, which was settled via tie breaking event. Chris Joachim narrowly edged out Eric Langlais to take home first place.

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