The Circus of Strength

The Circus of Strength was hosted under a Big Top Circus Tent in Lawton, OK. The events were The Whiskey Barrel Squat for reps, an Axle Log, the Circus DB Press Medley, a Zercher into a sandbag and keg load, a sandbag throw for max height (which was also part of the OK state record), and a Lever ATV Deadlift.

Host, Hannah Codiron, had 99 competitors for the day!

Many thanks to the event sponsors, Depth Before Dishonor, Ruff Rags, Impact Mouthguard, Five Star Nutrition, Sisters of Iron. And Marty, from SBD, gave the prize for the Best Lifter of the day.

This was the largest show ever in all of OK, as well as it was held in a Circus Tent! Two athletes, in two different weight classes, set the State Record on the Sandbag Throw for over 12’!

This was the first of many years this event will be held. Hannah's next show, in the spring of 2023, will be a record breaker. One of the many highlights from the show were the awesome tees designed by Depth Before Dishonor! Thanks to all that supported our event and we look forward to seeing many of you next year!

Special thanks to the photographers, Jordan Huynh and Zach Monteverdi for the awesome photos!

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