Strongman Announces Arnold Classic Disabled Competition

Strongman Offers Seated and Standing Categories

For the first time in Strongman Corporation history, the sport will offer the chance for disabled athletes to compete for the title. Both seated and standing categories will be offered, ensuring that all types of competitors have a chance to compete.

Athletes from around the world will gather for this special competition that will take place during the Arnold Amateur World Championship. The competition will be held on Sunday, March 5, 2017, at 10 am, and will offer four event categories. The athletes will compete in the Arm over Arm Sled Pull, Dumbbell Press Medley, Crucifix Hold, and the Atlas Stones.

The Strongman disabled athlete program was developed by Arnar Mar Jonsson. Magnus Ver Magnussen came on board to support Arnar in this endeavor.  Both Iceland natives, the program Arnar started has grown to what it is now, with more and more disabled athletes taking up the sport.

Strongman Corporation UK’s Toby George will run the event, alongside Strongman Corporation US promoter Chris Vachio, Magnus Ver Magnussen, and Arnar Mar Jonsson.

Stay tuned for the Arnold Amateur World Championship and Arnold Classic Disabled Competition happening March 3-5, 2017, in Columbus, Ohio!

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